mandant/mandantenfähig auf Englisch

Heute ein Gastbeitrag von unserer IT-Expertin, Anja Hübel:

This concept is very common in IT. In a nutshell, it means that a single application or software system is employed for multiple customers/organizations/subsidiaries at the same time – however, data relating to each of these entities is kept completely separate.

In the SAP space, the standard English term/translation is usually “support for multiple clients” (Google: 24,000 hits with SAP). The term “client-capable/multi-client capable” is also used (Google: 4,600 with SAP).

Here is an example from an SAP Basis tutorial

What is an SAP Client?
A client is an organizational and legal entity in the SAP system. All the business management data is protected here because other clients cannot access them. The main purpose of a client is to keep the data isolated. In a physical SAP system there can be multiple clients. Each of these clients can have a different purpose, or represent a separate working environment (development, production, prototype). A client has its own set of tables and user data.

However, unless you are tied to the SAP term, it’s better to avoid “client” on its own, because it also has a different, unrelated meaning in IT (in the sense of hardware and software clients).

A much clearer expression is “support for multiple client organizations” (16,400 hits with “SaaS”, 20,000 with “cloud computing”). Also possible: “support for multiple customers/organizations”.

Here is an example from IBM:
This model enables a single, shared application instance with the capability to support multiple client organizations (or tenants) simultaneously, so as to achieve the goal of cost effectiveness through sharing infrastructure and operation resource among tenants.
In the context of SaaS and cloud computing, a very common term is multi-tenancy/multitenancy.

Here an example (from

SaaS is a type of cloud computing that delivers a single app through the browser to thousands of customers using multitenancy, which is a type of software architecture where a single instance of the software runs on a server that serves multiple client organizations, otherwise known as tenants.

Also found:

multi-tenant architecture (712,000 hits)
multi-tenant capability (12,400 hits)
multi-tenancy enablement (9,470 hits)
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Nachtrag von MC:
Und wenn wir schon bei „Mandant“ sind – wieso heißt The Client (also der „Kunde“ eines Anwalts) von dem gräßlichen Autor John Grisham „Der Klient“ – es müsste doch Der Mandant heißen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!