Jobs / Mitarbeit

Wanted: English-speaking translators/copywriters (Übersetzer/Texter)
We are looking for new recruits (junior translators/copywriters) for our office in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart. You must be a native speaker of English, and you should have one or two years’ experience of German-to-English translating and/or writing. Consideration would also be given to applicants with greater experience seeking appointment as senior translators/copywriters. Starting date: the sooner, the better. Salary: subject to negotiation.

We are not your run-of-the-mill, churn-it-out translation “factory”. Our focus is squarely on quality and not quantity. And we write as often as we translate. We believe in teamwork, research, and close collaboration with our clients. We serve advertising agencies, marketing professionals and C-level executives. It really is a far cry from most translation environments.

You should be thirsty for knowledge, keen to develop, and enthusiastic about language. And whatever your previous experience, you face a steep learning curve, especially in the first year. But we offer plenty in return: unparalleled opportunities to grow, generous bonuses for good results, a willingness to accommodate personal goals and preferences, great coffee, and a much-used and -abused foosball table.

We will get a warm feeling inside if you:

  • Have degree-level or equivalent German
  • Are proactive and communicative
  • Have a way with words
  • Love to learn

Your application will head straight to the bin if you:

  • Are not a genuine native speaker of English
  • Are not cut out for teamwork and prefer freelance solitude
  • Cannot get your head around technology and business
  • React badly to constructive criticism

Money should not be your main motivation, but if you want to earn well, you can (once you are up to speed). The primary rewards come in the shape of an unparalleled mix of assignments, close contact with colleagues and clients, and a relaxed if demanding working atmosphere. And if you are ambitious, there really are no limits to where you could go.

Please apply to – we’d like to see a CV, and a covering letter (in English!) that really shows us what makes you tick, and how well you can write. Sample translations welcome but not mandatory. No snail mail, please.

Wanted: Graduates/ students for internships
Sorry – but we are not accepting any further interns for 2018.
Wanted: Graduates for traineeships
Sorry – but we are not accepting any further interns for 2018.